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my pieces

February 28, 2012

i look back, down, all around
pieces of me scatter’d on the ground
think…in those pieces, i can be found
be me, not this clown
in them, find my smile, let go of this self made frown
am i lay’n so near
are those pieces of me, i fear
are those pieces stain’d by my own tears
do those pieces reflect me like a mirror
have i courage to look at me in my own mirror
accept what i see without fear
allow myself time to see clear
ooooo dear…
the journey to me is far, from in here
second guess’n each choice
find a way to trust my inner voice
some of those pieces will be fucking heavy
at times i’ll pretend to be a pick-up made by chevy
to carry my pieces in
as i forgive me of those pieces of sin
addiction will not be my end
i will pick-up those pieces, put me together again
the picture on my puzzle will be me…
and on my face i’ll see…
a smiling grin
God…i want to win
peace be

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