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a DrY’r ShEet 4mY hEaD

February 18, 2012

see the hole in my head

the one i fucking dread

where from the sun turn’d my brain red

in so do’n dry’n my brain

a sun burn’d pain

cum make me wet with your rain

but first

i need a dry’r sheet to soft’n these hurts

take away this static that’s ’bout to make my mind burst

stick’n my thoughts together

tight’r than a brace of raw leather

can you see my stormy weather

i pray the sheet seperates my thoughts from stick’n together

free’n them…make’n them soft as down feathers


i just want to be better

peace be

Day 41

more bonus shit:

am i a creep, tease my mind, with just a peep, hate censorship, wonder..if me they’d bleep.



One Comment
  1. This was interesting, it really had me thinking.

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