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Who’s at My Door

February 16, 2012

knock knock knock

like a ticking clock

where’s my other sock

who’s at my door

ava adore

awoke from a rem sleep

now where’s my feet

lost on cold solid concrete

or on the old oak floor

outside my door

shouldn’t have built this wall

or maybe just not so tall

who’s at my door


his hand must be sore

sweat weep’n from his pours

who’s at my door


the one i refuse to see

don’t know how to be

the wall in front of my door i scorn

i built it not to get torn

now i find me blind

left somewhere behind

who’s at my door


don’t know anymore

peace be

Day 38

bonus comments:

the door to me is solid and hard…i became the joker card…playing me in any hand…not knowing when i’d land…

keeping me up my sleeve…where i can cum or leave…this door to me…if i can open, think, i will see.






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