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Am i Ok

February 12, 2012

Am i Who

i knew

Who Am i

don’t lie

i Am Who

see through

Am i Ok

please say

Ok Am i

ready to die

i Am Ok

on knees i pray

peace be

Day 34

Bonus Comments…right? right

Yesterday was filled with painfullism , confusionism, cravenism, lostism, anxiousism, heartracenism, fearism, wantingism, breathlessism, addictionism, addictism, justfortodayism, fuckthatism, myfuckedupheadism, nothingsclearism, justonemoretimeism, justneedabreakfrommeism, thinkingglasspipeism, needleism, mirrorism, allthreeism, gottogetitoutofmyheadism.

But today is…

Day 34…


peace be in you








One Comment
  1. more bonus comments! loved them!

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