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Opening Up

January 30, 2012

blog’n is new to me

care not who sees

it’s for peace-n-me

listen’n to blind melon

what’s on my mind i’m tell’n

want IT on my mirror

take away this fear

but i’m staying clear!

got side=tracked…now get’n back to here

don’t understand this blog moderation

must be some type of mind masturbation

can’t let censorship lie to this generation

why does censorship so dislike the truth

it’s free in my booth

now i’m dealing with another decaying tooth

i heard dylan say…”it’s not he, she, them or IT that you belong too”

i’ve come to a knowing…that be true

what i write is dark not blue

may you see through that rolling stone

know you’re not alone

lost in some great unknown

and how ’bout those stats

they don’t make me where its at

already been scratched by that cat

while me you read

i sit and write words from which i bleed

from the dark these words i did breed

just want you and me to be free

no matter if they do or do not see

peace be

Day 21

“Truth is one. There is no second.” (From: Saying of the Buddha, Reflections for Every Day)

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