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Day 19

January 27, 2012

Not sure how i feel, worry if what i feel is real, i think i’m ok (but everything isn’t ok), got to stay in each moment, can’t think  “just for today”, a long long time! be without her (IT), no she isn’t gone, doubt she’ll ever leave my mind for long, she drives by in each song, she’s behind each tree, everywhere i look…her i see, she can’t get over let’n me be ME, damn..there she is on my phone by way of txt, where the fuck will she be next?, i can still see her gray shadows in front of my eyes, god knows she can lie, the smoke from her glass, so hard to pass, feel her cum’n in my mouth, can taste her dripping down the back of my throat go’n south, my vain cry’s out for her, and this ring’n in my ears, drive’n me to do i do?!, i love her, love the way she fucks me, i miss her, miss the way she helped me..flee from ME, then again i hate her, hate the way she wouldn’t let ME, god..if you could only feel the way she makes love to’d understand, it’s Day 19, if only i could hold her hand, but god knows it’s time for ME to take a stand, take IT to and leave IT in divorce-land.

peace be


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