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Everything Is Broken

January 26, 2012

In love i hesitate

So high i isolate

You come to me

But never see

It must be dark

i hear your bark

We live in hate

We create

i’m not so big

Another male pig

If i could sleep

Before i weep

i’d dry your feet

Write a new beat

You like to fuck

So away you duck

i’m a kite

On a solo flight

Blow’n left not right

All this wind

Confusion send

i sit and cry

You know not why

So i look to the glass

To be free at last

Go down town

In people i drown

Note their smiles

As i stumble the miles

Not rich

You’re a bitch

One more tricky hitch

i tell me to quit

But would i fit

Is this the last hit

i’ll write a love song

On your fuck’n thong

How you’re right i’m wrong

Please pass me the bong

Feel’n alone

Like a rolling stone

Mama said i was shown

Forgot the unknown

Remember the day

Nothings black and white but gray

i run

From the heat of the son

Don’t own a gun

Don’t need rejection

Maybe direction

One more ejection

Believe in resurrection

Deny the second coming

Wait…i’m cuming

Can you hear

Pain clear

The unspoken

Everything’s broken

Looking down not up

To see the corrupt

From heaven to hell

I smell that smell

Hear last bell

It’s loud

I call foul

Don’t want to play

Hear me say

Go don’t stay

There’s a crack in my clay

Pass me that glass

Free at last

Free at last

peace be

Day 18










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