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Thoughts (or whatever they are)

January 25, 2012

you can read my lines but you can’t see between them

if someone tells you “you complete me”….RUN!

emptiness is so filling

i am everything i am not, i am not everything i am

my heart is heavy, my mind is hallow, life’s becoming hard to swallow

a simple twist of fate, mixed inside self hate

the past recycles to the present, only to destroy the future

the toughest battle, i’ll ever fight, is the one in my mind

must i pay a toll, if i, play with my soul

the tool, needs no school, to make me, a fool

kill’n pain, by way…of vain

this box, is stronger than an ox…this box

who am i, i to i lie, one must die, sigh, then…get high

wish things were different, but then again, i don’t, cause if things were different…they’d be different

if i believe, will…IT leave

beauty…is it beautiful, wisdom…is it wise

1 & 1 equals 2…not 1

peace be

Day 17





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