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January 23, 2012

Addiction is the other me/you…’that’ ugly side (which in our mind is beautiful because “IT” numbs me from me…you from you…our feelings, emotions, thoughts, mistakes, hurts, pains, shames, etc.)…yet all the while “IT” is our first love…the “IT” that’s there for me/you…walks with me/you…talks to me/you…makes love to me/you leave’n US tingling numb…ya know…”IT” …thee “IT” that creates in US (the addict) another me. I often say “i did it but it wasn’t me”.  Makes sense to me…how ’bout you? So…we become “IT”…addiction.

Do You See

when you see my eyes

do you hear their sighs

notice they’re tired from all those tries

feel the pain of their cries

get cross eye’d from the confusion in their whys

wonder how they still see after decades of highs

question if they’re real or darken’d by lies

catch in them all my…my’s

do you see

them search’n for thee key

that can set them free

peace be

Day 15




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